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No Child Trafficking addresses the ignorance about child trafficking. This ignorance and resulting inaction has allowed this crime to continue. We address this by educating people especially children about recruitment scams and techniques used by labor and sex traffickers and encouraging our audience to further spread this awareness.

Though trafficking happens all around the world it is invisible to many. During school workshops and community presentations, some had heard stories of trafficking while others were not aware of it. Children assume that trafficking will never happen in a wealthy city. Poor community awareness creates a low-risk environment for traffickers to thrive.

Our audience walks away understanding the need to report suspicious activities to the authorities, the impact of buying goods with the fair trade stamp, the importance of electing the right policymakers, ways to recognize signs of trafficked children, and the importance of the need to educate school children about trafficking.

                                                 The three components of No Child Trafficking


                 Education, spread awareness, and support trafficking survivors.



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