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            Nobel Peace Laureate
            Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, 
" We love to see young people like Anooshkha spread awareness and inspire fellow students". 
Mr. Kailash Satyarthi.jpg, Sweden, "You are doing such important work. I will share your work." 

Teacher Kane, "Thanks for the good that you are doing by educating our students, bringing awareness to an important topic."

Love Never Fails, "I enjoyed watching. I had our staff watch it as well." 

Student Emily," Your

 talk has inspired me to spread the word and

    fight against this." 

  • Sosso, Sweden, " Please pass her message and spread awareness." 

  • Kirthiga, Fortune India's Top 50 Most Powerful Woman wrote, “Inspiring. We did our bit”.

  • C SAFE, India wrote, "Totally agree. C SAFE is proud of you."

  • Protect Us Kids wrote, "Outstanding work by Anooshkha. Your voice is powerful."

  • Collective Liberty said, "Powerful by Anooshkha on the realities of trafficking and educating those most vulnerable." 

  • Teacher Alex, "You opened some eyes."  

  • Storyteller Enid wrote, "Heartfelt and informative talk."

  • Community member Morgan wrote," Thank you for being a leader on this issue." 

  • Parent Vittoria, "People please pay attention to her cause."

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