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Child Trafficking is the frightening end of childhood


What is trafficking?


UNICEF says trafficking is the act of harboring, recruiting, transporting, transferring or receiving a person by means of fraud, force, or coercion for the purpose of exploitation.

At its most basic form, child trafficking is the buying and selling of children for the purpose of exploitation. This is modern-day slavery.

There are basically two types of trafficking:  Labor and Sex Trafficking.


Trafficked child victims can be boys and girls. The purpose may involve sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery, or removal of organs.



What can parents do to help their children?

1) Discuss the internet and social media awareness.

2) Keep track of friends and their activities.

3) Teach self-protection.

4) Make children mentally strong to face the challenges in their life.

5) Be empathetic to their problems.

According to the United Nations, in the U.S., 60% of child sex trafficking victims have a history in the child welfare system.


Parental Guide Source: Common Sense Media

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